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CAMC Hualing sets sales target of 30,000 units with focus on tractor trailers in 2018

ZHENGZHOU, Henan – CAMC Hualing has set a sales target of 30,000 heavy-duty trucks in 2018 with tractor trailers taking 40 percent to 12,000 units, according to a company announcement at its 2018 business conference held here on January 18. CAMC Hualing fulfilled orders of 18,700 heavy-duty trucks in 2017,

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CAMC delivers Hanma H6 trucks to Malaysian customer

SIBU, Malaysia – Hualing Xingma Automobile (CAMC) recently delivered 100 units of the Hanma H6 heavy-duty trucks to Woodman, its customer here in Malaysia. The Hanma H6 heavy-duty truck is one of CAMC’s hot-selling truck products in recent years. With its high reliability, high safety standards and high fuel economy,

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