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Guangdong investigates Shenzhe’s car purchase limits

Guangdong Province has launched investigations on a controversial policy in Shenzhen to restrict new car purchase, according to CCTV News. The move is in response to a citizen’s submission, questioning the legitimacy of the policy. The Shenzhen municipal government abruptly announced on December 29 that it would restrict car purchases

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Shenzhen begins restriction on new car purchases

SHENZHEN – Authorities in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province suddenly announced a restriction on car purchases on December 29, requiring prospective buyers to acquire new car plates by lottery or auction. Starting from December 29, 100,000 new vehicle plates will be allocated annually for the city, including 20,000 electric cars, said Chen

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China announces second group of cities for NEV promotio

BEIJING – China announced the second group of new energy vehicle pilot cities, including 12 cities or regions, according to people.com.cn. As required in the announcement, the 12 cities or regions should create favorable environment for NEV promotion and accelerate infrastructures construction in accordance with state standards. Local governments should

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The size of China’s automobile market: 20 million?

During CBU/CAR’s 17th annual conference event last April, local and multinational executives from OEMs, suppliers, dealers and service providers plus analysts gathered to discuss the size of China’s future automobile market. Their consensus was that the world’s largest automobile manufacturing country has every potential to grow its size to 30

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