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Despite no-shows, Auto China 2018 still shows key trends in HDT industry

As several features of this week’s issue point out, the number of heavy-duty truck manufacturers participating at this year’s Auto China 2018 in April reached a historical low: four. Just eight heavy-duty trucks were displayed by Foton-Daimler, SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan, Beiben and JMC Heavy-Duty. Together with just one other commercial vehicle manufacturer (Changjiang,

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CV manufacturers gained by attending Auto China 2018

– by Yao Wei, CBU/CAR Guest Columnist Only five commercial vehicle manufacturers exhibited at this year’s Auto China 2018 on a total display space of less than 10,000 square meters, a sharp decline compared to the Beijing Auto Show two years ago when commercial vehicle display space totaled 26,000 square meters

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Roundup of heavy-duty truck transmissions at Auto China 2018: FAST dominates, more than half were automatic

Heavy-duty trucks were a rare sight at this year’s Auto China 2018. But of those that were on display there were interesting characteristics. Foton-Daimler enjoyed “home court advantage,” while traditional heavy-duty truck manufacturers like Beiben and SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan and young star JMC Heavy-Duty showed off their latest product offerings. Of the

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Roundup of heavy-duty truck engines at Auto China 2018: China 6 engines dominate, max horsepower reaches 560

Not that many commercial vehicle manufacturers exhibited at Auto China 2018 this year, and even those that were there did not exhibit as great a variety of products as expected. In fact the number of commercial vehicles on display might have been the smallest in the history of the Beijing

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NIO Capital, G7 Networks and GLP to set up a new energy truck tech company

BEIJING/SHANGHAI – NIO Capital, G7 Networks and Global Logistic Properties (GLP) jointly announced on April 2 to set up a new technology company controlled by G7 Networks, researching and developing a new generation of intelligent heavy-duty trucks based on autonomous driving, new energy technology and logistics big data. This new technology

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Q1 2018 tractor sales down 20 percent to 139,000 units, top five players account for 90 percent of market

China sold 139,000 tractors in the first quarter of 2018, down 20.6 percent from the same period of last year, according to the latest data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on April 11. That is a net decrease of 36,000 units. The proportion of tractors among overall sales

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March heavy-duty truck sales hit new record of 132,000 units, turning point coming in June?

– by Xie Guangyao UPDATE: March heavy-duty truck sales reached a historical monthly record of 138,900 units, up 21.21 percent from a year ago, according to official data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on April 11. Sales in the first three months totaled 323,400 units, up 13.85 percent. Another

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CNHTC net profit more than quintuples in 2017 on sales of £¤55.4 billion

HONG KONG – China National Heavy-Duty Truck Group Corp. (CNHTC), or Sinotruk, achieved revenues of ¥55.4 billion in 2017, up 68.26 percent, according to annual financial results released by the Hong Hong-listed truck maker on March 23. Total truck sales reached 263,903 units in 2017, with a year-on-year increase of

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The hype on truck electrification and the China factor

There have been rising discussion and debate on the electrification of trucks, in particular heavy-duty trucks, ever since Tesla unveiled its Semi last year. This was evident again at this year’s “Two Sessions” that ended yesterday, which had a number of executives in the heavy-duty vehicle sector proposing a wide variety

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