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Huang Yonghe: Auto industry confronting four “new normals”

The auto industry is confronting four “new normals,”according to Huang Yonghe, chief engineer and director of policy research at the Tianjin-based China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC). The four “new normals” Huang referred to were vehicle registration and operation restrictions, anti-monopoly, parallel import and public disclosure of automotive repair

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CATARC Huang Yonghe to present at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference

Huang Yonghe, Chief Engineer and Director of Policy Research of CATARC will discuss “Policy Environment and China's Auto Market under the New Normal” at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference. The theme of the 20th annual international conference is China’s Automobile Market in the Age of E-Commerce, Connected Vehicles and

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Overseas acquisitions provide core technologies

  A sudden global financial crisis brought forth great opportunity for Chinese automakers and suppliers conducting overseas acquisitions for core technologies. A successful overseas acquisition is a shortcut for Chinese companies to upgrade their products and enter overseas markets. Geely Holding, for example, can transfer technology from its wholly-owned subsidiary

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Government support crucial for new energy vehicles

SHANGHAI - Turning China's policy of support for new energy vehicles into concrete help for its automakers is the key to any rapid advancement of the industry. So far, success with electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles has been achieved mainly with demonstration projects, many of which had been

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Highlights from speakers

Speakers at the 2009 Presidents' Forum made interesting comments on a variety of issues involving new energy vehicle development and the China market. -- Editor Standardization is important Standardization has a key role to play in the adoption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. "We need to go for standards

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