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State of electric mobility development in China

TIANJIN - Over 120 industry executives and experts from a wide variety of backgrounds spanning the new energy vehicle value chain - including OEMs, suppliers, technology centers, infrastructure providers, associations, the government and academia - convened at the 2010 New Energy Vehicle Technology & Investment Congress held on September 2-3

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China’s new investment guidelines on automobile technologies

On May 26, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology published the 2010 Investment Guidelines on Technology Innovation and Transformation in Automobile Industry (the Guidelines) to define technology innovation standards on electric vehicles and related parts, engines, transmissions, automobile electronic control systems and other key components. Fu Yuwu, vice chairman

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Honda to introduce 2 hybrids to China by 2012

BEIJING - Japa's second largest automaker Honda Motor highlighted an array of environment-friendly products and technologies at Auto China 2010. Honda's environmental initiatives and introduction of hybrid models To comply with the increasing fuel economy regulations and consumer environmental awareness in China, Honda plans to introduce more

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