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Consolidation of independent brands inevitable

China’s independent-branded carmakers are facing the most challenging market environment, yet. The numbers don’t lie. According to the latest data from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), sales of independent-branded passenger vehicles in the first seven months of 2012 were flat. Their market share was down 2.6 percentage points to

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Abolishing JVs will be good for China’s auto industry, says researcher

BEIJING – Abolishing joint ventures is the crucial way out for China’s automotive development, said Wang Xiaoguang, a researcher from policy consultation department of Chinese Academy of Governance, at the 4th China Automotive Bluebook Forum held here on April 7. “Although China has become the world’s biggest automobile market, it

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Reform of official cars provides opportunities for local B-class brands

In light of the newly released Regulations of Government Fleet Reform (the Regulations), domestic automakers have a better chance at competing with joint venture enterprises in the B-class segment. According to the Regulations, official cars should have less than 1.8L displacements with prices not exceeding ¥180,000 ($26,471), which is much stricter than

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