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April heavy-duty truck sales hit record 121,000 units, rising inventory could be trouble

Another month, another record. With 121,000 heavy-duty trucks sold, up 16 percent year-on-year, April 2018 broke the old April sales record of 115,900 units achieved in April 2010, according to the latest manufacturer reported data obtained by cvworld.cn. It also represented the second consecutive month in which monthly sales record

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Didi Chuxing forms strategic partnership with BAIC Group to advance EV operations

BEIJING – Didi Chuxing (DiDi), the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, signed a strategic cooperation agreement with BAIC Group on March 7 to enhance the operation of new energy car-sharing programs. With the support of the Beijing Municipal CCP Committee and the municipal government, BAIC Group and DiDi will expand in-depth

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“Overcharged” EV infrastructure needs to better balance supply and demand

Contrary to the popular belief that charging infrastructure, or the lack there of, is one of the major roadblocks holding back consumers’ desire to purchase an EV, the reality is that the infrastructure may be “overcharged.” That was the conclusion from one of the speakers at CBU’s Monthly Automotive Salon

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Lei Xing: NEV supply and demand unbalanced

Even though China’s new energy vehicle market has soared over the last few years, supply and demand remains unbalanced, according to Lei Xing, chief editor of CBU/CAR. “Because of the subsidy phase-out scheme already announced by the government, sales are likely to skyrocket in the last one or two months

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MAS@Shanghai 0519: EV infrastructure “overcharged?”

SHANGHAI – CBU/CAR organized its Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) on May 19 at the Swissôtel Grand Shanghai with a theme of Charging the EV Infrastructure. Two dozen people from industry circles representing suppliers such as Bosch, Sensata, Henkel, and consulting companies including Deloitte, Jato and ICDP attended the event. David

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China’s NEV market to take off in the next three years, say panelists at roundtable

China’s new energy vehicle (NEV) market will take off over the next three years, predicted several panelists at a roundtable dialogue held in Beijing on December 11. The roundtable, organized by d1ev.com, a Chinese Internet portal focused on NEVs, was held at Tesla Motors’ first China showroom. The dialogue centered

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