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Yasuhide Mizuno: Honda to launch China-only EV in 2018

TIANJIN – Honda plans to launch its first electric vehicle dedicated exclusively for the Chinese market in 2018, according to Yasuhide Mizuno, operating officer of Honda Motor Co., Ltd. and COO for Regional Operations (China), and president of Honda Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Mizuno made the announcement during a

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Chinese auto market still full of potential

The 2016 International Forum (TEDA) on Chinese Automotive Industry Development, with a theme of “Reform the Supply Front and Reshape the New Drive,” was held in Tianjin on September 2-4. About 1,000 automotive executives, government and industry association officials, leaders of internet and high-tech companies and the media shared their

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EV 100 researching role of IT in auto industry

In early May, the EV 100 group held a press conference with the main topic “The Internet and the Automobile,” d1ev.com reports. According to an official representative, EV100 group is currently exploring the interactions between information technology, the automobile industry, and transport in general. According to the official representative, the

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