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New normal: traditional car guys joining startup carmakers looking for change

Aside from slowing growth down to the single digits, which many coin as the “new normal” of China’s auto industry, another “new normal” is also taking shape in the HR talent front as companies race to build smart EVs: senior executives jumping ship from traditional carmakers and joining new startups.

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Smart EVs to drive Made-in-China 2025 (I)

With a theme of “Smart EV: How it Defines Made-In-China 2025,” CBU’s 21st annual international conference was held in Beijing on May 24-25 in association with CCPIT-Auto. The one-and-a-half-day event featured 18 speakers from Chinese and global OEMs, suppliers, new startups, industry think tanks and consultancies who shared their insights and

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NextEV’s $470 million electric motor base in Nanjing to begin operations by yearend

NANJING, Jiangsu – NextEV signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Nanjing municipal government on April 28 that will see the EV startup invest ¥3 billion ($470 million) in a high-performance motor and electronic control system (ECU) production base in the Nanjing Economic and Technological Development Zone (NETD). NextEV

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Jack Cheng: Environment, health and safety to reshape industry

Environment, health and safety are three key issues in improving the auto industry, according to Jack Cheng, president of Magneti Marelli China and vice president of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) APAC. “Automobiles impact the environment the most with exhaust gas taking up 20-30 percent of environment pollution,” said Cheng. Traffic

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Jack Cheng: battery technology to see breakthrough in 2-3 years

China is getting more demanding in terms of market order and supervision, said Jack Cheng, vice president of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles APAC. According to Cheng, environmental protection, health and safety are determining the future development of the market. Technologies of battery, electronic control and driveline of electric vehicle are becoming

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Fiat Chrysler Jack Cheng to present at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference

Jack Cheng, Vice President of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles APAC will discuss “Trends & Future of the Auto Industry” at CBU/CCPIT-Auto 20th annual international conference. The theme of the 20th annual international conference is China’s Automobile Market in the Age of E-Commerce, Connected Vehicles and Green Mobility. It will be

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Chinese cars to arrive in the U.S. much faster than Hyundai

DETROIT – The question that has been asked time and again since 2006 during the annual North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is: When are the Chinese coming? The same question was raised by the audience during the 3rd annual U.S.-China Automotive Forum organized jointly by the Michigan Economic Development

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Cheng replaces Amadei: practioner instead of verbal revolutionary

It seems obvious that Franco Amadei is hardly able to streamline Fiat-Chrysler Automobile’s China business. The job of coordinating and effectively expanding the operations of FCA’s two brands in China may be comparatively easier for Jack Cheng. On July 15, FCA announced that Jack Cheng, Magneti Marrelli’s China Region president,

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