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Government vehicle reform to impact China’s automobile market

China’s State Council released concrete guidelines on July 16 to terminate official cars, an effective endeavor in cutting huge expenditures on automobiles for government officials. As an important part of China’s campaign of combating corruption and deepening reform, the termination of official cars is expected to have great implications for

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VW’s DSG problem should not end here

Volkswagen China’s DSG problem seems to be coming to an end. In its response letter to senior partner attorney Jiang Suhua of Yingke Law Firm, the State Administration of Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine (SAQISQ) writes: “After an expert review, investigation and analysis of the DSG transmission problems reported by

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Volkswage’s DSG problem to haunt brand image

The General Administration of Quality Inspection, Supervision and Quarantine (GAQISQ), recently wrote to attorney Jiang Suhua saying that “it is unable to determine for the time being” that Volkswagen’s DSG “has product defect” in design and manufacturing, according to Jiang’s weibo (microblog) on sina.com.cn. The official letter of the country’s

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