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Lei Xing: NEV supply and demand unbalanced

Even though China’s new energy vehicle market has soared over the last few years, supply and demand remains unbalanced, according to Lei Xing, chief editor of CBU/CAR. “Because of the subsidy phase-out scheme already announced by the government, sales are likely to skyrocket in the last one or two months

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Hangzhou announces new NEV subsidies

On October 14, the city government of Hangzhou announced new subsidies for NEVs, according to a d1ev.com report. According to the report, battery electric passenger vehicles will receive a subsidy of ¥30,000 ($4,900), and plug-in hybrid passenger vehicles ¥20,000.  As for other vehicle types, battery electric buses, hybrid buses, specialized battery electric vehicles (such as

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Eleven cities launch NEV rental programs

BEIJING – Eleven cities across China have put into effect experimental programs for NEV leasing, according to a d1ev.com report. These cities include Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzohu, Chengdu and Ningbo, said the report.  According to d1ev.com analysts, many Chinese consumers have doubts about the performance and reliability of electric vehicles.

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China’s passenger BEV production increases 359.14 percent in April

China’s total output of passenger battery electric vehicles (BEVs) in April reached 2,562 units, a 35.27 percent increase from the previous month, and a staggering 359.14 percent increase year-on-year. For the top three producers (Shanghai Maple, Chery and Zotye) their highest-output models all had microcar characteristics. Sales of passenger BEVs

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China builds bridges to U.S. EV market

By John Gartner Chinese automotive companies have long aspired to build vehicles for the U.S. electric vehicle (EV) market, without much progress. However, recent developments indicate that Made in China could be stamped on cars stateside before long. Chinese automakers Geely, BYD, and Wanxiang have all made investments in establishing

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