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January-February sales likely to decline year-on-year

Due to the week-long national Spring Festival holidays from February 10 through 17, China’s automobile sales in February are expected to decline as drastically as they rose in January. Sales of passenger vehicles (cars, SUVs, MPVs and microvans), which hit 1.47 million in January, up close to 50 percent year-on-year,

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Kimiyasu Nakamura: cultural union is a winning formula

"Two automakers, which have had different histories and traveled along different paths, have had great synergy. This is the result of a cultural union," says Kimiyasu Nakamura, president of Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. (DFL), on the six years of joint venturing between Nissan Motor Co. and Dongfeng Motor Corp. (Dongfeng).

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