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Lead-acid battery gets second look

By David E. Zoia TROY, MI – The lead-acid battery could be on the verge of a comeback. Passed over for more advanced technology as auto makers looked to improve performance in hybrid and electric vehicles, first with nickel-metal-hydride and then lithium-ion battery formulations, lead-acid could see new life as

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Low-speed EVs have to evolve against vested interests

China has set out to draft product standards for low-speed and short-range electric vehicles, but the progress seems to be very slow due to the resistance of large and established automobile manufacturers, according to voices from a recent hybrid and electric vehicle seminar in Shanghai. Conflicts of vested interests are

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Chinese president tours Tianjin EV battery maker

TIANJIN – Chinese President Hu Jintao recently visited several high-tech companies in north China’s Tianjin, including Lishen Battery Joint-stock Co., Ltd., a major Li-ion battery firm in China. Hu urged the battery maker to strive for further progress in core technological research and contribute more to the development of China’s new energy

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