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Robin Wu: 95 percent of new vehicles sold globally by 2050 will have L4 autonomous driving

BEIJING – By 2050, 95 percent of the vehicles sold globally will have Level 4 autonomous driving capabilities and the rest will be Level 3 capable, predicted Robin Wu, vice president of Baidu. Wu made the comments at the 5th China-Korea Auto Industry Development Conference organized by SIC’s Department of Information

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Delphi partners with AutoNavi to provide connected infotainment and navigation systems

SHANGHAI – Delphi announced on October 27 that it has reached a strategic partnership with leading Chinese map and location service supplier AutoNavi affiliated with Alibaba to enhance Delphi’s support to customers in the Chinese market on connected infotainment and navigation systems. The non-exclusive agreement outlines a framework for co-operation

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Ouch! Audi feels the pain in China as it gambles on two-partner strategy gain

Tumbling sales, unhappy and hostile Chinese dealers, a Chinese map gaffe and agitated senior executives. Just about anything that can go wrong is going wrong all of a sudden for Audi in China, where it has enjoyed being the market leader in luxury vehicles ever since it entered the country

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NVIDIA becoming a crucial player in the race to self-driving cars

During the golden age of PC and intelligent mobile phone processors, Intel has owned keynotes at CES in Las Vegas since 2012. But it was NVIDIA’s turn this year. AT CES 2017 on January 4, NVIDIA founder and CEO Jen-Hsun Huang hit the prime time showing his company’s leadership in

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