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MAS@Shanghai 0713 recap: incentive policy “stole” 2.5-3 million vehicles from 2017

SHANGHAI – The incentive policy “stole” 2.5-3 million units in passenger vehicle sales from 2017, worth about one month of sales, into 2016, according to John Zeng, director of Asia Pacific Forecasting at LMC Automotive, citing passenger vehicle registration data. Zeng shared the interesting observation at CBU/CAR’s Monthly Automotive Salon

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Policy effects major reason behind lackluster but surprising first half

The prospects of China selling 30 million vehicles this year could be in jeopardy based on the latest sales data released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) on July 11. Auto sales rose 4.5 percent in June to 2.17 million units, bringing first half sales total to 13.35 million

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LCD cars could hit the roads by the end of 2020 and China could follow by 2022

SHANGHAI – Cars equipped with LCD headlamps could be on the market in China by 2022, predicted Yang Zhiwen, optics design manager at Hella’s Nanjing Technical Center. Yang made the comments while speaking at CBU/CAR’s Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) here on June 14 with a theme of Automotive Lighting Innovation.

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MAS@Shanghai 0427 recap: Innovations are happening in China because the market is unique

SHANGHAI – Can China innovate technologies and apply them globally? The answer is a definite yes from Steve T. Gamache, vice president of Asia Seating Engineering of Lear Corp., and Sergio Loureiro, interior design director of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Gamache and Loureiro shared their perspectives on the Future of

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MAS@Beijing 0315 recap: Big data to better serve automakers in market predictions and consumers in car purchasing

BEIJING – Through observation and analysis of consumers’ attention on website pages he or she clicks, predictions can be made about automobile market demand and competition, and good use of big data can help automakers effectively adjust their product positioning and marketing strategy and assist consumers choosing the most appropriate

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MAS@Beijing 1010 recap: Sustainable transport requires fewer but more efficient trucks

BEIJING – China’s road transport market has been very fragmented and unprofessional in the past. With the consolidation of the market under the new normal, however, the majority of transport operators in the market will disappear in the next 10 years and only the top-end of the pyramid will remain

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MAS@Beijing 0817 recap: Dealers should rebuild trust to survive

BEIJING – Dealers are under greater pressure in China than elsewhere in the world due to a combination of consumer behaviors and active interests from outside the industry and they must rebuild trust from consumers to survive. That was the conclusion from CBU/CAR’s Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) held on August

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50:50 JV equity rule relaxation: matter of when and how, not if

The debate on whether the 50:50 equity share requirement for Sino-foreign vehicle joint ventures should be relaxed or not heated up again in industry and media circles over the last few weeks. At the Summer Davos Forum in Tianjin in late June, National Development and Reform Commissioner Xu Shaoshi indicated

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