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Government support crucial for new energy vehicles

SHANGHAI - Turning China's policy of support for new energy vehicles into concrete help for its automakers is the key to any rapid advancement of the industry. So far, success with electric vehicles, hybrids and fuel cell vehicles has been achieved mainly with demonstration projects, many of which had been

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The cost of hybridizatio

SHANGHAI - Government incentives are the traditional way to get new technology into the market, but making systems modular so they can be used by many automakers will also reduce the cost to final consumers, say two international suppliers. Type          % Fuel savings       Cost Micro         5-10                 $200-$1,000

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Highlights from speakers

Speakers at the 2009 Presidents' Forum made interesting comments on a variety of issues involving new energy vehicle development and the China market. -- Editor Standardization is important Standardization has a key role to play in the adoption of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrids. "We need to go for standards

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