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William Li: NIO to launch ES8 in mid-December, industry clearly developing toward smart EVs

TIANJIN – NIO plans to launch its first series production model – the ES8 electric SUV – in mid-December and smart electric vehicles is clearly a development direction for future automobiles and must be software-driven and offer an integrated service experience, according to company founder and chairman William Li. Li

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China makes all the right connections ¨C smart e-mobility in the next 5 years

Many of us aren’t aware of how historical the times we live in China. As President Xin Jinping said at the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in early September: “Proceeding from the new starting point, China will pursue an innovation-driven development strategy to create stronger growth drivers. Scientific and technological

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New normal: traditional car guys joining startup carmakers looking for change

Aside from slowing growth down to the single digits, which many coin as the “new normal” of China’s auto industry, another “new normal” is also taking shape in the HR talent front as companies race to build smart EVs: senior executives jumping ship from traditional carmakers and joining new startups.

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Chinese electric vehicle makers swarm into California, chasing Tesla

  Michael J. Dunne Faraday Future is leading the charge of Chinese electric vehicle firms into California. How big, how fast, how dangerous? Five highly ambitious Chinese automakers are building stealthy, strategic bases in California. Their objective: Hunt down technology and talented engineers to produce the world's most advanced electric

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