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Technology for autonomous cars ready by 2019-20

CHONGQING – Chinese OEMs are tightening their belts to acquire the requisite technology to meet the government’s push for electric vehicles. The time for autonomous vehicles is still away by another decade. The major OEMs are investing heavily into technology by acquisitions or opening R&D centers overseas and hiring huge

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Five takeaways from five Sino-German auto deals during Premier Li’s official state visit

During Premier Li Keqiang’s official state visit to Germany in early June, five major deals involving Chinese and German automotive OEMs, suppliers and tech companies in the area of EVs and smart mobility were signed. On May 31, Continental signed an agreement with China’s smart EV startup to collaborate on

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Innovated in China, applied globally? Adient says yes

SHANGHAI – Can multinational suppliers innovate technologies in China and apply them globally? The answer from Adient is a definite yes. “In the future, some of the things that we develop for China actually will then be globalized in other markets because of the unique solutions that we will find

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Successfully leveraging WeChat in the Chinese auto industry

Mobile marketing as key for automotive OEM customer interaction in China In today’s marketplace, automotive OEMs are concentrating increasing portions of their investment on emerging digital technologies. On their way to become successful digitally enabled and operated businesses, OEMs are focusing on mobility-related business models (e.g. car sharing), digitized manufacturing

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What’s the winning formula in the era of smart EVs?

On September 6 in Wolfsburg, Volkswagen AG signed an MOU with Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. (JAC) for a potential partnership and a possible joint venture to make electric cars in China. “As we aim to be at the forefront of e-mobility, Volkswagen Group is looking forward to explore all options

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MAS@Beijing 0817 recap: Dealers should rebuild trust to survive

BEIJING – Dealers are under greater pressure in China than elsewhere in the world due to a combination of consumer behaviors and active interests from outside the industry and they must rebuild trust from consumers to survive. That was the conclusion from CBU/CAR’s Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) held on August

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