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Auto e-commerce is about online-offline integratio

BEIJING – Automotive e-commerce is not simply online business models taking over or disrupting traditional offline activities, but rather the integration of the two, according to executives of several automotive e-commerce platforms at the 2015 China Internet Auto E-Commerce Summit held in Beijing on September 13. The Summit was organized

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Can “E-Qoros” bring substantial sales growth?

Persian king Xerxes was about to lead a large army to invade Sparta. He dispatched an emissary to send a letter to the city-state which contains only one sentence: “If we invade Sparta, the city would be flattened.” He never expected that the Spartans would respond with only one word:

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Yongda Auto establishes Internet cooperation with Bitauto and UXI

BEIJING – China Yongda Automobiles Services Holdings Ltd., a leading passenger vehicle retailer and comprehensive service provider in China, announced on August 19 that it has signed an Internet strategic cooperative agreement with Bitauto Holdings Ltd. and UXIN (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd., according to PRNewswire. The three companies will

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