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Local carmakers give up land

Two local carmakers recently gave up their land to local governments and terminated their investment projects for automobile assembly and parts and components, according to local media. At a recent media briefing in Beijing, Youngman Automobile Group chairman Pang Qingnian (Qingnian means youngman in Chinese) confirmed that the company has

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Yongman to produce new energy buses in Jina

JINAN, Shandong – Youngman Automobile’s new plant in Jinan will produce new energy buses which are neither Li-ion batteries ones nor super capacitor versions, reported Jinan Daily. Youngman Automobile recently signed a ¥6.6 billion ($1.05 billion) project agreement with Jinan High and New Technologies Zone. According to a person close to the

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The challenges for the Saab-Youngman-Pangda tie-up

The tripartite MOU between Saab, Pangda and China’s Youngman Lotus Automobile Co., Ltd. seems to offer an ideal partnership that promises to help Spyker/Saab tide over its current financial crisis and revive the ailing Swedish carmaker by tapping potential demand in the expanding China market. If approved by the Chinese government, the

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