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Yin Tongyue: Sharing among Chinese automakers needed

Sharing among Chinese automakers is highly needed to build a larger-scale industry, which will benefit industrial improvement, according to Yin Tongyue, president and chairman of Chery Automobile Co., Ltd. Yin said that sharing among Chinese automakers is very weak now as companies usually tend to start joint venture and cooperation

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New EV policy’s “Catfish Effect”

The Administrative Rules on New Battery Electric Passenger Vehicle Manufacturers jointly released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) and National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) on June 4 will soon bring new “Catfishes” into China’s pool of new energy vehicle “sardines.” Effective July 10, the Rules is

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Vehicle sharing provides opportunity to experience different vehicles

People’s lifestyles are changing and consumers are seeking diverse ways of mobility, according to Wang Yanmin, co-founder and CEO of Yiqi Auto, the tri-partite EV rental joint venture established by Chery, Pateo and Yidao Yongche (yongche.com). “People may want to drive one car on one day and a different

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Pateo has lofty goals for smart car business

Freeman Shen took over as Pateo’s CEO in January. Since then, he has been focused on building up a globally competitive team for the company. Pateo chairman Ken Ying has decided on a new direction for Pateo’s future: smart cars. According to Ying’s plans, they will have a whole new

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Three men, two meals and a smart rental car

A concept “Yiqi Car by iVokaOS” was introduced at a press conference on February 3 in Beijing. The concept car, a smart electric rental car, was presented by Yiqi Taihang, a joint venture between three partners, Yidao Yongche (Easy Car Rental, or Yi), Chery (Qirui in Chinese or Qi) and

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