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Smart EVs to alter how vehicle manufacturing is done in China

This issue of CBU-SmartEV features the first part of recap of our 21st Annual International Conference on doing automotive business in China – Smart EV: How it Defines Made-in-China 2025 – held last month, and the first part of an interesting dialogue between Frank Zhao, dean of the Tsinghua Automotive

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Auto China 2016: stronger, newer, smarter, longer and smaller

Auto China 2016, or the 14th Beijing International Automotive Exhibition, concluded on May 4 after a 10-day run. According to the show organizers, some 815,000 people visited the show from April 25 to May 4, which featured 1,179 vehicles (including 112 world premieres, 46 concepts and 147 new energy vehicles)

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Lu Qun: Individualized consumption habits to drive smart manufacturing

The individualization of the automobile and consumption habits is going to force the entire manufacturing process to become smarter and more flexible, predicted Lu Qun, chairman of CH-Auto Technology Co., Ltd. and Qiantu Motor, a manufacturing subsidiary that is planning to build a super car at a new green field

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