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Raising the bar: Magna’s 4D ICON Radar production expected in China, Europe and N.A. in 2020

DETROIT – Rather than just having another “me too” radar, Magna’s goal was to see if it could have a step change in the functional capabilities of an important piece of the puzzle and building block to achieving Level 4 and 5 autonomous driving, according to Swami Kotagiri, CTO of

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Delphi to supply active safety systems on Great Wall’s next generation of SUVs

SHANGHAI – Delphi Automotive announced on June 23 that it will supply active safety systems to the next generation SUVs from Great Wall Motor (GWM). Delphi will supply the Intelligent Forward View camera (IFV), Mid-Range Radars (MRR) and Short-Range Radar starting 2019. Delphi will supply the systems from its manufacturing

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MAS@Beijing 0119 recap: Intelligent driving to be final solution to city traffic problems

BEIJING – Intelligent driving will be the final solution to problems in mega and medium-sized cities including traffic jam, car parking, emissions and accidents, according to Wu Gansha, founder and CEO of UISEE Technologies (Beijing) Ltd. Wu shared his observations at CBU/CAR’s Monthly Automotive Salon (MAS) held on January 19 in Beijing discussing ADAS

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