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BYD releases plans for sustainable development of batteries using less rare earth materials

TOKYO – BYD has announced plans to gradually increase the production of electric vehicle power and energy storage batteries and reduce the proportion of rare earth materials in the batteries, as a supply crunch caused by increased market demand for new energy vehicles and batteries poses challenges for the renewable

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Shin-Etsu Chemical to build rare-earth alloys plant in Fujia

LONGYAN, Fujian – Japanese chemical giant Shin-Etsu Chemical Co. will build a factory to produce alloys of rare earth metals this year in Longyan of Fujian Province to secure stable procurement of such materials, the Nikkei reported. The plant will have an annual production capacity of 3,000 tons and it is slated to begin production

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China to make all-steel truck radial tires with newly developed isoprene rubber

Changchun Institute of Applied Chemistry (CIAC), part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), and the Research Institute of Jilin Petro chemical Co. under China Petroleum Co. Ltd., has successfully applied isoprene rubber synthesized with rare earth catalysts to all-steel truck radial tires, illustrating that this newly developed rubber can

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China to export exhaust products to Thailand

GUANGZHOU – China will export a large batch of automotive exhaust products to Thailand, Xinhua News Agency reports. Guangzhou Zhaolong Green Tech Co., Ltd. and the Ministry of Commerce of the Kingdom of Thailand have recently signed a trade agreement worth over $150 million to export exhaust gas purification devices.

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Roland Berger suggests alternatives to permanent magnet based on rare earth

- by William Diem, CBU/CAR Paris correspondent   China's leadership in producing rare earth metals is a threat to Western suppliers of electric motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, according to a report by Roland Berger, a German-based consultancy. The report advises the traditional suppliers to develop alternatives to permanent

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