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2009 PV sales surge over 50 percent thanks to government incentives

Spurred by an 8.9 percent growth of the national economy, tax cuts, and other government stimulus measures, China's passenger vehicle segment scored exceptionally robust gains in 2009. Passenger vehicle sales (including passenger cars, SUVs, MPVs and microvans) skyrocketed by 52.93 percent year-on-year to 10.33 million units in 2009, according to statistics

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The EV Era may be on the horizon, but major challenges remai

Plug-in hybrids and pure electric vehicles have become the vogue of the day lately in China and overseas because they are considered the most likely new energy vehicle solution to traditional gasoline or diesel powered automobiles. Governments around the world, OEMs, new start-up companies and venture capital firms are now

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Revitalization Plan falls short on measures in support of independent brands and commercial vehicles

The central government promulgated the Automotive Industry Readjustment and Revitalization Plan (the Plan) on March 20. But the Plan does not contain a policy measure expected by homegrown automakers to the effect that independent-branded cars should be favored in government procurement. Nor does the Plan provide any specific measures to

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