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March 15 Gala, Sagitar Axle Gate and industry supervisio

Automakers again highlighted this year’s 3/15 Gala, CCTV’s investigative special that airs annually on March 15 aimed at exposing alleged corporate misconducts on China’s Consumer Rights Day. The unlucky winners this year on CCTV were Dongfeng-Nissan, Shanghai-Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, whose 4S dealerships reportedly overcharged customers. Land Rover was singled out

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Sharp rise of consumer complaints in May over FAW-VW vehicles

The total number of 2,226 complaints submitted in May to www.12365auto.com (Zhongguo Qiche Zhiliang Wang or China Automobile Quality Web) involve 166 automobile bands and 311 models. China Automobile Quality Web claims to be a leading independent 3rd-party vehicle evaluation web portal in China. The number of complaints represented an

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