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New ballgame

It’s a whole new ballgame for Scania, and other imported European truck brands, for that matter, now that China has opened up its manufacturing sector more and foreign equity requirements on commercial vehicle manufacturing would be lifted in 2020. “It’s a game changer,” Scania senior executives told me quoting CEO Henrik

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Scania firing on all cylinders to speed up growth in China, seriously looking into local production

BEIJING –The Next Truck Generation from Scania officially debuted on the Chinese market on April 24, just 20 months after its global debut in August 2016, and on the heels of the official announcement from China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) a week earlier that foreign ownership restrictions on

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Scania and Haylion Technologies to jointly develop autonomous and electrified vehicles

SHENZHEN – Scania signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Haylion Technologies Co., Ltd. here on February 2 that will see the two partners work together on solutions for the Chinese transport industry in the areas of autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity. They will join forces in the field of

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Scania’s secret to being on top in China: selling TOE rather than just trucks

Whether it was the lower fuel consumption, faster speeds, or higher ton-km per liter, the vehicle operational data revealed by Mats Harborn on Scania’s trucks running in China compared with global averages were quite stunning given that China is not yet so efficient when it comes to transport logistics. In

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New NTG launch will be “springboard” for Scania as it continues to promote TOE for sustainable transport in China

BEIJING – Scania more than doubled its trucks sales in China in 2017 and remained as the market leader in the imported European truck segment, according to Steve Wager, general manager of Scania Sales (China) Co., Ltd. Wager made the comments at Scania’s annual media gathering held in Beijing on

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China’s heavy-duty truck market in 2016: key highlights (III)

China’s heavy-duty truck market is winding down to be a year of surprising growth, with sales expected to rise more than 30 percent to over 700,000 units (actual sales reported by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers were 733,000 units, up 33 percent). What were some of the key highlights? Commercial

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Scania-Higer a role model for how companies can cooperate (II)

On November 9, Scania and Higer inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art bus and coach factory in Suzhou dedicated to building the Scania Touring and Scania-Higer dual-branded high-end buses and coaches. The milestone event marks 10 years of a unique cooperation between the two partners – a pure commercial partnership where Higer

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