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BYD, BAIC and SAIC: A comparison of China’s three major NEV manufacturers

In February of 2014, the BYD e6 was approved for both central government and Beijing municipal subsidies. The Qin, too, has fared well since its launch. BYD was a rather unexpected leader for the Chinese NEV market. BAIC and SAIC are the most influential companies in the industry, as they

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BAIC’s expansion binge: beware of mounting debt

Beijing Automotive Group Co., Ltd. (BAIC) began rolling off the first vehicles at its Huanghua production base in Cangzhou, Hebei Province on December 26, some eight months after production was originally scheduled to begin. The Huanghua production base, with an investment of over ¥10 billion ($1.64 billion) and annual output

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Chinese manufacturers should behave like an American in Europe

Chinese car brands should copy the operations of U.S. manufacturers in Europe and not how they operate in the U.S. Most of the brands owned by the Big Three in the U.S. are the result of consolidation of the industry in the early 20th Century. With the post-War financial crisis

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