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Seeking lifetime growth: an interview with Li Xiang, founder and CEO of CHJ Automotive

– by Zhang Hui Zhang Hui, former general manager of HMI & Ecosystem at Baidu’s L3 Business Unit, joined Chinese smart EV startup CHJ Automotive in May as head of organizational development. The following is the first part of a selected portion of his recent conversation with CHJ Automotive Founder and

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Half a smart but twice the smartness: CHJ Automotive teases SEV, to announce new mobility brand in 2018

BEIJING – CHJ Automotive founder and CEO Li Xiang on December 4 posted via his Sina Weibo account photos of its upcoming Smart Electric Vehicle (SEV) two-seater on the streets of Paris and San Francisco, two cities where the SEV will soon begin shared mobility services with local operators. The

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CHJ Automotive and Scoot team up to offer shared mobility services in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – Chinese smart EV startup CHJ Automotive and Scoot Networks, a San Francisco-based provider of shared, electric scooter services, signed a memorandum of understanding on October 11 to begin a shared mobility services pilot project here using CHJ Automotive’s upcoming smart electric vehicle (SEV). Based on the agreement,

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CHJ Automotive and Brilliance to team up on smart EV R&D, supply chain and manufacturing

SHENYANG, Liaoning – CHJ Automotive and Brilliance Automotive Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement here on September 1 where the two will team up on smart EV R&D, supply chain and manufacturing and utilize and share their respective resources and advantages. The signing of the agreement provides CHJ Automotive and

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