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Volkswagen’s e-mobility offensive in China “coming at the right time”

BEIJING – Volkswagen Group’s key message at this year’s Auto China 2018 in Beijing was “People’s Mobility.” To support that, the world’s largest automaker and the leading foreign automaker in China is earmarking €15 billion through 2022 with its joint venture partners for e-mobility, autonomous driving, digitalization and new mobility

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Didi’s D-Alliance with 31 auto industry partners to build integrated car operator platform

BEIJING – Didi Chuxing, the world’s leading mobile transportation platform, announced the launch of the Didi Auto Alliance, or “D-Alliance,” with 31 auto industry partners on April 24. The 31 founding partners span the areas of OEM, parts and components manufacturing, EV services and digital map services, and include: BAIC,

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Half a smart but twice the smartness: CHJ Automotive teases SEV, to announce new mobility brand in 2018

BEIJING – CHJ Automotive founder and CEO Li Xiang on December 4 posted via his Sina Weibo account photos of its upcoming Smart Electric Vehicle (SEV) two-seater on the streets of Paris and San Francisco, two cities where the SEV will soon begin shared mobility services with local operators. The

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Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 vehicle sharing pilot in Shanghai logs 90,000 km over two years

SHANGHAI – The Chevrolet EN-V 2.0 vehicle sharing pilot program launched by General Motors and Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) recently concluded after two years’ operation in a real-world environment, GM said in a statement on May 5. The fleet of 16 EN-V 2.0 electric concept vehicles logged almost 90,000

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GEVDC 2016: cooperation instead of confrontation needed for both old and new players to build future vehicles (II)

SHANGHAI – Electrification, smartness, light weight and sharing are the four trends shaping and driving the auto industry forward. Hosted by d1ev.com, an NEV information service and trade platform, experts and scholars from both traditional automakers and new startups spoke at the Global Electric Vehicle Developer Conference (GEVDC 2016) held

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Ministry slams subsidies by car-hailing apps, vows better regulatio

The chief of transport authority on Monday criticized subsidies car-hailing applications are offering to their users, pledging to better regulate for-profit rides by private cars. Yang Chuantang, head of the Transport Ministry, said giving subsidies is a "short-term move" and imposes "unfair competition" on traditional taxi business. "The purpose (of

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