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She Zhenqing: school bus and rural transportation opportunities for bus industry

Besides new energy buses, rural passenger transportation and school buses are also giant opportunities for bus makers in 2016, said She Zhenqing, vice secretary general of Bus Branch, China Highway &Transportation Society, reported find800.cn. “It is unreasonable that the government’s subsidy policy has not extended into road passenger transportation market,”

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She Zhenqing: China bus sales to reach 220,000 units in 2013

BEIJING – Find800.com, together with the Social Science Academic Press published the China Bus Development Report 2013 (China Bus Bluebook) on December 10, 2013. The 1st China Bus Summit Forum was held on the same day with the attendance of numbers of experts and enterprise executives of the bus industry.

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China releases new subsidy policy for vehicle scrapping and replacement

BEIJING – The new subsidy standard and scope of coverage for scrapping and replacing old vehicles was jointly released by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce on June 14. According to the standard, without passenger vehicles, five different vehicle types that get scrapped during the time period between

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Bus export and school buses£ºtwo growth engines of China’s bus market

Bus export growth is unsustainable due to weak global economy, said She Zhenqing, deputy secretary-general of China Highway & Transportation Society, Bus Sub-Society. China sold 146,200 buses in the first eight months of 2011, up 7.57 percent year-on-year. Large and medium bus sales totaled 94,745 units, up 9.97 percent during

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