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Crane lorry sales plummet to 4,937 units in 2015

BEIJING – Crane lorries, or trucks with loading cranes, witnessed sales decline of 23.5 percent to 4,937 units in 2015, accounting for 3.3 percent market share of the special-purpose vehicle market. Gloomy macro economy, underdeveloped market, low R&D capability, product homogeneity, key parts technology shortages, and unprofessional chassis have all

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Electric special-purpose vehicle a new growth point

BEIJING – The Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau released the exposure draft of the Beijing-VI emissions standards recently, including three standards for light-duty vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles and heavy-duty engines. The standards, also known as the strictest emissions standards ever, will be implemented starting from December 1, 2017. The Beijing-VI standards for

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Electric special-purpose vehicle to get maximum £¤135,000 subsidy

BEIJING – Registered electric special-purpose vehicles, such as post, logistics and sanitary vehicles, can enjoy financial subsidy from the Beijing municipal government, according to the Notice on Financial Policies of Electric Special-Purpose Vehicle Purchase, as reported by ChinaTrucks.com. Five ministries, such as Beijing Municipal Bureau of Finance, Beijing Municipal

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China commercial vehicle export rebounds in February

BEIJING – China commercial vehicle exports rebounded in February with unit export revenue continuing to increase. Major export destinations are developing countries such as Algeria, Vietnam and Myanmar. Major import destinations are developed countries such as the United States and Germany. Average unit export revenue is lower than unit import

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Reasons behind the struggle of special-purpose vehicle makers in China

Special-purpose vehicles started to develop rapidly in the year 2000 and reached an output of 1.6 million units in 2013, accounting for 55 percent of total truck output that year. Output of semi-trailers, stake trucks, self-dumpers, tankers and box vehicles totaled 1.24 million units. About 5,000 types of special-purposes vehicles

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Dongfeng Special Commercial Vehicle Co. established in Shiya

SHIYAN, Hubei – Dongfeng (Shiyan) Special Commercial Vehicle Co., Ltd. (DFSCV), a subsidiary of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd., was established here on October 23. With register capital of ¥1 billion ($160 billion), DFSCV owns 13 subsidiaries and plants with major plants located in Shiyan, Wuhan, Shenzhen and Kunming. DFSCV

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