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Xu Changming: policy-driven NEV market to face development bottleneck

BEIJING – China’s policy-driven new energy vehicle market has been growing at a high speed for four consecutive years, but it will soon face development bottleneck, according to Xu Changming, deputy director of the State Information Center (SIC). Xu made the prediction at the China EV100 Forum 2018 held in

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Xu Changming: Annual auto sales could grow another 50 percent to 42 million units

BEIJING – China’s auto market has the potential to grow another 50 percent from last year’s levels to 42 million units, predicted Xu Changming, deputy director of the State Information Center (SIC). Xu made the prediction at the 5th China-Korea Auto Industry Development Conference organized by  SIC’s Department of Information

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Li Weili: NEV market driven by supply, demand and policy

China’s new energy vehicle market has the potential to be the world’s largest because of huge demand and supply as well as great policy push, according to Li Weili, director of manufacturing industry information from the State Information Center. “From the demand side, China has the world’s largest auto market

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Confidence is golde

The 2015 China Automobile Dealers Industry Annual Meeting, organized by China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA), was held on November 5-7 in Xiamen, Fujian Province. More than 2,000 executives and officials representing government institutions, associations, OEMs, new and used car dealers, service providers as well as members of the media

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Xu Changming: Heavy-duty truck market to rebound after structural adjustment

Heavy-duty truck demand will continue to fall next year if the economic growth continues to weaken, but sales will eventually rebound once the current economic structural adjustment is completed, predicted Xu Changming, director of information resources and senior economist at the State Information Center. “The weakening of the economic growth,

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