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Driverless cars could arrive in China sooner than we think

Last few months witnessed big developments in autonomous driving vehicles, particularly in China. In September, Zoyte Holding Group, a small Chinese carmaker, announced it will start production of its first self-driving vehicle in 2018. Baidu, the market pioneer of autonomous driving, plans to commercialize driverless technology by 2018 and to

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Xiaopeng Motors’ Beta: a short-lived hype or the beginning of a successful brand?

Some say the latest chapter in China’s EV story is a roaring success, some say it is a big disappointment: too many entrants and most are just speculators. Before September 13, not many have heard of Xiaopeng Motors.  Different from other EV startups such as Youxia Motors, there was

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Automakers’ EV plans will challenge early pioneers

PARIS -- Electric-car pioneers are facing a challenge from their peers as EV concepts dominate the Paris auto show. Volkswagen Group's diesel scandal and falling battery costs have persuaded executives and investors that battery-powered cars are ready to go mainstream. The flurry of unveilings signals a threat to pioneers of

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Autonomous driving and NEVs: putting safety first and working together

I was invited to give a presentation on global development trends of autonomous driving and new energy vehicles and how China plays a role at a recent industry forum held on the sidelines of Auto Changchun 2016. The topic was way too big and general for me to succinctly present

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China’s luxury vehicle sales in 2015

Audi Even with a 1.4 percent decline, Audi still managed to take home the luxury vehicle sales crown of 2015, delivering 570,889 vehicles. Two main factors contributed to Audi’s negative growth: First, the anti-corruption campaign and more stringent regulations on government vehicle purchase drove Audi out of government vehicle fleets.

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