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US sales of EVs pass 10,000 for the first time in August

By Jay Cole Early in August when General Motors decided that now was the time to drop the price on the best- selling car in the electric segment – the Chevrolet Volt -- by $5,000 (to $34,995), we knew it was going to be a strong month for the car. And by month’s end, GM’s North American

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Lead-acid battery gets second look

By David E. Zoia TROY, MI – The lead-acid battery could be on the verge of a comeback. Passed over for more advanced technology as auto makers looked to improve performance in hybrid and electric vehicles, first with nickel-metal-hydride and then lithium-ion battery formulations, lead-acid could see new life as

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Cadillac sales spurt 53 percent to a record 26,000 in China

NEW YORK − An unexpectedly large surge in Cadillac’s China sales has brought a record performance this past year to the iconic General Motors luxury brand, establishing China as “Caddy’s” top export market. Reporting the Cadillac results at a 2012-model preview here, the division’s marketing chief, Don Butler, said that

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