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GB1589-2016 key to driving China’s road transport efficiency

The release of the much-awaited GB1589-2016 national standard on outer limits for dimensions and weights of on-road commercial vehicles on July 26 is a key milestone as China embarks on a path to make its transport and logistics system safer, more efficient and sustainable. It is also going to make

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Large power, airbag suspension, and trailer future trends of HD trucks

China’s explosive growth in e-commerce poses new demand for the logistics industry with large power, airbag suspension and trailer transport the three major future features of heavy-duty trucks for the emerging quick delivery logistics transport segment. Large power, for example, was the most distinguished feature of heavy-duty trucks showcased at

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Golmud Kunlun Logistics receives £¤10 million national capital support

GOLMUD, Qinghai – Qinghai Golmud Kunlun Logistics Transport Co., Ltd. (Golmud Kunlun Logistics) received ¥10 million ($1.5 million) national capital support for its trailer transportation trial project, according to news from Qinghai Transportation Department. Golmud Kunlun Logistics was selected as the third batch of trailer trial project in 2013. Besides

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Various segments to help turn around heavy-duty truck market

China’s heavy-duty truck sales dropped 32 percent to 292,200 units through to June. The slump can be attributed to sluggish macroeconomy and the implementation of the State-IV emissions standards. However, segments such as harbor trailer, cold chain logistics truck, and express delivery truck all saw good sales in the first six

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China commercial vehicle export rebounds in February

BEIJING – China commercial vehicle exports rebounded in February with unit export revenue continuing to increase. Major export destinations are developing countries such as Algeria, Vietnam and Myanmar. Major import destinations are developed countries such as the United States and Germany. Average unit export revenue is lower than unit import

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MOF issues notice on subsidizing local green projects

BEIJING – The Ministry of Finance (MOF) issued a notice on subsidizing local green projects on its website on March 4, including subsidy details on transportation energy-saving and emissions reduction projects, pilot projects of road trailer transportation, and scrapping and upgrading projects of old and used vehicles. Projects of transportation

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Reasons behind the struggle of special-purpose vehicle makers in China

Special-purpose vehicles started to develop rapidly in the year 2000 and reached an output of 1.6 million units in 2013, accounting for 55 percent of total truck output that year. Output of semi-trailers, stake trucks, self-dumpers, tankers and box vehicles totaled 1.24 million units. About 5,000 types of special-purposes vehicles

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