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Scania and Haylion Technologies to jointly develop autonomous and electrified vehicles

SHENZHEN – Scania signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenzhen Haylion Technologies Co., Ltd. here on February 2 that will see the two partners work together on solutions for the Chinese transport industry in the areas of autonomous driving, electrification and connectivity. They will join forces in the field of

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Scania’s secret to being on top in China: selling TOE rather than just trucks

Whether it was the lower fuel consumption, faster speeds, or higher ton-km per liter, the vehicle operational data revealed by Mats Harborn on Scania’s trucks running in China compared with global averages were quite stunning given that China is not yet so efficient when it comes to transport logistics. In

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Continental and China Unicom open new JV to provide ITS solutions in China

SHANGHAI – Continental and China Unicom Smart Connection (CUSC), a fully owned subsidiary of China Unicom, unveiled their newly formed joint venture – Unicom Continental Intelligent Transportation Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (UCIT) – on October 19 on the sidelines of the 2nd Global CCAR & IoT MNO Summit. The unveiling

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Four trends of and five suggestions for China’s logistics market

At the awards ceremony crowning the champion for the 9th Volvo Trucks China Fuelwatch Competition held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province on July 12, Yang Guangxi, director of customer solutions at Volvo Trucks China, presented four major trends and characteristics of China’s logistics market: integration and collaboration, improving efficiency and reducing

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Major policies affecting the heavy-duty truck and freight transport industries in 2017

With the implementation of the GB1589-2016 standards in 2016, China’s heavy-duty truck and freight industries have already went through a round of “shock.” What additional policies – ones that are currently in effect and those that will go into effect – will affect how the two industries development? Which ones

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GB1589-2016 key to driving China’s road transport efficiency

The release of the much-awaited GB1589-2016 national standard on outer limits for dimensions and weights of on-road commercial vehicles on July 26 is a key milestone as China embarks on a path to make its transport and logistics system safer, more efficient and sustainable. It is also going to make

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Bus on demand creates new growth and branding opportunities for bus makers

This issue features an interesting article on a new business model in urban public transport (specifically buses) that has been gaining traction in major Chinese cities including Beijing and Shenzhen: bus on demand via leading ride-hailing platforms such as Didi Chuxing as well as independent internet-based operators with such interesting

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