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The hype on truck electrification and the China factor

There have been rising discussion and debate on the electrification of trucks, in particular heavy-duty trucks, ever since Tesla unveiled its Semi last year. This was evident again at this year’s “Two Sessions” that ended yesterday, which had a number of executives in the heavy-duty vehicle sector proposing a wide variety

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From NEV to CEV: the government work report and the auto industry

The annual sessions for the CPPCC and NPC, China's top legislative and advisory bodies, were held in early March. The Two Sessions is a time for automotive executives who are also CPPCC or NPC members to submit a variety of proposals and motions aimed at improving the industry and in

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Four new trends for China’s heavy-duty truck market

The Two Sessions (National People’s Congress and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) held in March disclosed four new trends for China’s heavy-duty truck industry: change in vehicle applications, internet-based vehicle sales, self-innovation and green mobility. As China’s economy has entered into the “New Normal” with slower economic growth, the

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