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SAMR: Nearly 70 million vehicles recalled in China over past 15 years, costing automakers ¥53 billion

BEIJING – Automakers in China announced 1,768 recalls involving 69.25 million vehicles by the end of 2018 since the Administrative Regulations on the Recall of Defective Automobile Products went into effect in October 2004, China’s market regulator said in a notice published on its website on June 4. The State Administration

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Desay SV presents L3-focused intelligent driving solutions at CES Asia 2019, teams up with NavInfo

SHANGHAI – Desay SV Automotive, China’s leading automotive electronics provider, showcased its latest intelligent driving solutions based on Level 3 autonomous driving scenarios at this week’s CES Asia 2019 held in Shanghai on June 11-13. To help people to understand its technology better, Desay SV’s booth focused on the demonstration of

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Safe, efficient and affordable: Chinese AV startup Nullmax launches MAX system solution eyeing 2021-22 SOP

SHANGHAI – Chinese autonomous vehicle startup Nullmax launched its MAX autonomous driving system solution at an event here on June 10 representing not only the first available systematic autonomous driving solution released by a local company but also one of the few complete autonomous driving solutions using the Xavier computing

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