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Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi reach strategic cooperation on telematics

BEIJING – Dongfeng-Venucia Automobile Co., Ltd. and AutoNavi Information Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing on August 14 to carry out comprehensive cooperation in telematics. Dongfeng-Venucia and AutoNavi will cooperate in location services, mapping platforms, high-precision maps and ADAS to provide users better driving experiences. In

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Venucia “spins off” from Dongfeng-Nissan into independent company

WUHAN, Hubei – Venucia, the joint venture independent brand that has operated as a business division under Dongfeng-Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co. for more than six years, has “spun off” into an independent company with its own sales operations, according to an announcement by Dongfeng-Nissan parent company Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.

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Younger consumer demographic requires different branding strategy

Automakers are increasingly adopting different strategies to cater to young consumers, especially the “post-90s” generation, according to several OEM executives who spoke at the forum. “Consumers that are born in the 1980s and 1990s are becoming mainstream car buyers in the Chinese market,” said Takahiro Hachigo, vice president, Honda Motor

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Dongfeng-Nissan to build three new business units

GUANGZHOU – Dongfeng-Nissan Passenger Vehicle Co. held a groundbreaking ceremony at Huadu District, Guangzhou on August 6 for its three new business units, namely the Venucia Design Center, the Advanced Engineering Technology Center, and the Corporate University, according to a company news release. The first phase of main construction is

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Dealer inventory ratio increases to 2.33 in February

BEIJING – Average inventory ratio (inventory over sales) of Chinese car dealers in February 2014 rose 1.36 to 2.33 compared to January, up 0.32 year-on-year, according to data released by China Automobile Dealers Association (CADA) recently.      Source: CADA In the month, the average inventory ratio of Chinese and

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