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Beijing-Hyundai names Liu Zhifeng executive vice president

BEIJING – Beijing-Hyundai announced on July 4 that Liu Zhifeng replaced Li Feng as company’s new executive vice president and Wu Zhoutao, former director of Beijing-Hyundai Sales Management Department, succeeded Liu’s previous post as vice director of Beijing-Hyundai Sales Department. Li Feng has been promoted to serve as president of

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SAIC’s market chief leaves for Beiqi-Foton

Huang Huaqiong, former director of SAIC Passenger Vehicle Company’s Overseas Operation, recently showed up at Shahe Town, Changping District, Beijing, where commercial vehicle maker Beiqi-Foton is based. He has just got an offer from Beiqi-Foton as its vice president and brand chief. Huang Huaqiong started his automotive career at Shanghai Volkswagen. He

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