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2018 China Auto Forum: “Internet thinking” not a pedestal for the auto industry

BEIJING – Automakers should not put “Internet thinking” on a pedestal and overly depend on it, but rather focus to develop related technologies in a pragmatic manner so as to create a competitive advantage in automotive mobility technologies, according to Li Shufu, chairman of Geely Holding Group. Li made the

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Wan Gang: Hydrogen fuel cell is the pinnacle of tech competition

RUGAO, Jiangsu – Hydrogen fuel cell will be the pinnacle of technology competition in the future of the auto industry and technology innovation of hydrogen fuel cell is becoming an important direction of the global energy technology revolution, according to Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology (MOST) and president

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China EV 100 Forum 2017 talks EV industry innovation and technology upgrading

With a theme of Upgrade Core Technology, Innovation Leads the Future, the China EV100 Forum 2017 was held in Beijing on January 14-15. The forum was organized by China EV 100 and co-organized by Tsinghua University, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM), China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC), SAE-China

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Charging forward: China to build more EV charging facilities

In 2015, China sold 330,000 new energy vehicles. The record-making sales volume made China the world’s No. 1 EV market. However statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) show, charging poles numbered merely 57,000 by the end of 2015. While the central government planned to have 40,000 charging poles

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Minister of Science and Technology illustrates technical route of NEV development

The Minister of Science and Technology Wan Gang introduced the R&D route and future prospects of China’s electric vehicle industry at the 2016 China Auto Forum in Beijing in late April. According to Wan, China is endeavoring to double the battery energy density and halve production cost in the

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Ouyang Minggao: NEV technology can be promoted widely now

A dozen government officials and corporate executives discussed China’s NEV sales in 2015 and future development trends at China EV 100 Forum 2016 held on January 23-24 in Beijing. Following are highlights of the event. – Editor   China’s annual NEV sales accounted for over 1 percent of total automobile

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Struggle to meet new-energy goals

By Li Fusheng China is determined to fulfill its new-energy auto ambitions, according to senior government officials. "The national campaign of developing energy-saving and new-energy vehicles will remain unchanged and so will the priority for electric vehicles, the target of their development and the government's favorable policies," said Minister of Science and

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China EV 100 established in Beijing

BEIJING – The China EV 100, a non-governmental and non-profit think tank dedicated to the electric vehicle industry, was established on May 5 in Beijing and held its first conference. It was created to establish a dialogue on electric vehicles that crosses the boundaries between government, academia and business. More

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Toyota’s trump card against Volkswagen in China

The product competition between world heavy-weights Toyota Motor and Volkswagen in China has been interesting. Early-bird Volkswagen benefited from its early establishment to be able to control 50 percent of the market shares for many years but with mainly older vehicle models. The arrival of Japanese car models, led by

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