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Exclusive: NIO Founder and Chairman William Li talks autonomous driving: It’s not a utopian world

It’s not news anymore that autonomous driving is right around the corner – so near that we wonder even about calling it “the future.” Yet most of us are scratching our heads at the disparity between technological posters and reality. Indeed, Beijing’s vast, unruly streets seem eons away from that

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Bitauto appoints President Andy Zhang as CEO, William Li to continue as chairman

BEIJING – Bitauto Holdings Ltd., China’s leading provider of internet content & marketing services and transaction services for China’s fast-growing auto industry, announced on January 12 the appointment of Bitauto’s president Andy (Xu’an) Zhang to the position of CEO, effective immediately. Zhang will remain in his current roles as chairman

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Now that NIO’s ES8 is out on the market, William Li’s challenge is to deliver the rest as promised

William Li has just accomplished something that Jia Yueting was not able to do: actually putting a smart EV out on to the market, rather than just touting about it on PPT slides. It is difficult not to put the two into comparison side by side: Li is the founder

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Flying cars and freeing up your time: Industry discusses future of mobility at GFM 2017

HANGZHOU – Geely Holding Group Chairman Li Shufu surprised the audience of more than 800 people attending the 2017 Global Future Mobility Forum (GFM 2017) on November 11 by announcing in his keynote speech that the 30-year old private automaker has acquired U.S. flying car startup Terrafugia Inc. “We recently

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NIO and State Grid Electric Vehicle Co. team up on charging operations

BEIJING – Smart EV startup NIO and State Grid Electric Vehicle Co. signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement in Beijing on November 27 to integrate their respective resources and deepen cooperation in the construction and operation of charging and battery swapping networks. According to the agreement, the two sides will work

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William Li: NIO to launch ES8 in mid-December, industry clearly developing toward smart EVs

TIANJIN – NIO plans to launch its first series production model – the ES8 electric SUV – in mid-December and smart electric vehicles is clearly a development direction for future automobiles and must be software-driven and offer an integrated service experience, according to company founder and chairman William Li. Li

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