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BMW & VW: the reincarnation of arrogance and respect

"It rarely happens when the departure of a multinational CEO means the end of an era in China,” I wrote one and a half years ago in an article titled “Lexus’s three challenges after Godfrey Tsang.” “The only two eligible multinational top executives for such an honor are Volkswagen Group

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The four tough challenges for Heizman

Compared with predecessor Winfried Vahland, Jochem Heizmann faces a different set of challenges in China. The biggest challenge for the new CEO of Volkswagen China is obvious. The era of explosive growth of China’s automobile market has come to an end. Competition has turned from capacity expansion to cut-throat price

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Volkswagen to overtake Toyota in 2018: What are the chances?

- by Zhang Siyuan   Winfried Vahland, proponent for TSI+DSG, has left Volkswagen China Group. His successor as is Karl-Thomas Neumann, who until recently was chief officer for Electric Traction of Volkswagen Group in Germany. With the change of hands, Volkswagen seems to have begun a transition from "T" (technology)

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Winfried Vahland: Volkswagen to add more investment in China

Winfried Vahland, chairman of the board of Volkswagen China, talks about Volkswage's plans for the China market in a recent interview with a group of Chinese journalists including Jones Zhong, editor of CBU's Chinese language newsletter QCYW (www.cbuauto.com.cn) editor. The following are excerpts of the interview. - Editor  

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