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January-May tractor market: mixed performance among top 10 players

The tractor segment of the heavy-duty truck market has been under a lot of pressure lately. Between January and May 559,000 heavy-duty trucks were sold, up 15.2 percent year-on-year. Tractors accounted for 40 percent of those sales, still the largest segment, but this is 15.9 percentage points lower than the

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XCMG’s 2017 net profit nearly quintuples to £¤1.02 billion as global economic recovery boosts construction machinery demand

XUZHOU, Jiangsu – XCMG, the world’s sixth largest construction machinery manufacturer, said in a statement on May 21 that its net profit in 2017 surged 389.31 percent to ¥1.02 billion, up from ¥208.6 million the previous year, far outpacing the revenue growth of 72.46 percent that the company said in

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XCMG’s first electric sanitation truck rolls off line

XUZHOU, Jiangsu – XCMG’s first electric sanitation vehicle recently rolled off the production line, which has further expanded the company’s footprints in the sanitation vehicle market. The new electric sanitation vehicle has a completely sealed container, an electric-driven chassis and a hydraulic lifting system with a vehicle weight of only

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Highlights from heavy-duty truck manufacturers’ 2017 business conferences (III)

The year 2016 marked a significant rebound of the heavy-duty truck market thanks large in part to policies such as the implementation of the GB1589-2016 standards on sizes, weights and loads as well as Ministry of Transport’s clamp down on overloading and oversizing. As a result, heavy-duty truck sales jumped

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Roundup of medium and HD truck engines at Auto China 2016

Engines, as the heart of medium and heavy-duty trucks, are the focus of visitors at the recently held Auto China 2016 in Beijing. Heavy-duty truck engines featured larger horsepower this year with multiple branded options available. Below is a roundup of engines adopted by truck makers at Beijing auto show

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Roundup of commercial vehicle enterprise financial reports in 2015 (I)

Major public-listed commercial vehicle and construction machinery manufacturers recently released their financial performance for 2015. Below are some highlights of their financial reports. DFG sales revenue increases 52.3 percent According to the 2015 yearly performance of Dongfeng Motor Group Co., Ltd. (DFG), the company witnessed sales revenue increase of 52.3

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