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Despite no-shows, Auto China 2018 still shows key trends in HDT industry

As several features of this week’s issue point out, the number of heavy-duty truck manufacturers participating at this year’s Auto China 2018 in April reached a historical low: four. Just eight heavy-duty trucks were displayed by Foton-Daimler, SAIC-IVECO-Hongyan, Beiben and JMC Heavy-Duty. Together with just one other commercial vehicle manufacturer (Changjiang,

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Do’t put all eggs in the new energy bus market

This issue features key highlights from the recently held 2017 China Beijing International Exhibition on Buses, Trucks and Components, or commonly known as the road transport exhibition, as well as some interesting perspectives from Yao Wei, our guest columnist. The road transport exhibition has virtually become a bus show with

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FAW Jiefang’s resurgence thanks to nimble market response and people

Besides the joint ventures FAW-Volkswagen and FAW-Toyota, FAW Jiefang has probably been the only bright spot for FAW Group in recent times as far as its wide array of independent brand arms are concerned. The surprising thing is that it has been trucks, the medium and heavy-duty variety, that

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Dayu’s “big fortunes” is a result of perseverance and determinatio

This week’s newsletter features our guest columnist Yao Wei’s critique of the secrets behind the success of Dayun Automobile Manufacturing, China’s 7th largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer and 6th largest in heavy-duty truck tractor sales. The most unique thing about Dayun, which literally means “big fortune” in Chinese, is that

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Gree’s acquisition of Yinlong: more than making buses

This issue features an interesting article by our guest columnist Yao Wei of find800.cn on Gree and Yinlong, two of the hottest names in China’s bourgeoning new energy bus industry that has recently been rocked by a subsidy cheating scandal. Scandal aside, neither Gree nor Yinlong are household names in the

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Sustainable transport requires fewer trucks and less waste

This week’s issue features an interesting prediction from Yao Wei, our guest columnist and chief editor from truck and bus portal find800.cn, on how many heavy-duty trucks will be sold in 2016. By simply using July and January-July heavy-duty truck sales from the past 18 years and a linear regression

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