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The annual session and the auto industry

The government work report delivered by Premier Li Keqiang at this year’s annual session of the National People’s Congress (NPC) on March 5 again touched upon several issues related to the auto industry. Automotive executives who are delegates of the NPC or members of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

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New policies to affect the commercial vehicle industry in 2016

Chinese central and local governments will keep on promoting energy-saving and emissions reduction in the commercial vehicle industry in 2016 with policies focusing on emissions reduction, yellow-labeled vehicle elimination, new energy vehicles, logistics and auto parts. The State-V emissions standards kick off Beijing has led the emissions standards upgrading

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China over fulfills yellow-labeled vehicle elimination plan in 2015

BEIJING – China has eliminated 1,170,700 units of yellow-labeled vehicles that were registered from the end of 2005 through to November 2015, meeting 100.53 percent of the yearly target and over-fullfilling the elimination plan in 2015, according to an announcement of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP). Ten provinces and

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Parliament members discuss auto industry reform at annual meeting

Senior automotive executives and officials who are members of China’s parliament, the National People’s Congress (NPC)and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), put forward a variety of legislative proposals and suggestions related to China’s auto industry during the annual session in Beijing last week. The following is a summary

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Guangzhou issues subsidy policy for yellow-labeled vehicle eliminatio

GUANGZHOU – The Guangzhou municipal government issued a subsidy policy to encourage vehicle owners to actively eliminate their yellow-labeled (heavy-polluting) vehicles before scheduled date, reported ycwb.com. The subsidy ranges from ¥5,000 ($802) to ¥30,000, covering 12 types of vehicles. Yellow-labeled vehicles are those gasoline vehicles that do not

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Elimination progress of polluting and old vehicles in 31 provinces

BEIJING – China eliminated 3,978,800 units of polluting (yellow-labeled) and old vehicles in the first nine months of the year, accounting for 66.3 percent of the six million unit task set for the entire year, according to an officer of the Ministry of Environmental Protection (MOEP) recently. In September

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Eight new CV-related policies and regulations effective July 1

Eight new policies and regulations related to the manufacturing and distribution of commercial vehicles went into effect on July 1. The following is a summary compiled by cvworld.cn. 1. The Supervision Administration Methods on Road Transportation Vehicles requires that touring buses, chartered buses, third-grade and above shuttle buses, hazmat transport

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Guangzhou to eliminate more than 15,000 yellow-labeled vehicles

GUANGZHOU – Guangdong provincial government plans to eliminate 15,343 yellow-labeled vehicles in Guangzhou this year to improve the air quality in the capital city of the province, according to the Notice of Plan on Subsidies for Eliminating Yellow-Labeled Vehicles and Rewards for Improving Boiler in 2014 recently released by the

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