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Dayu’s “big fortunes” is a result of perseverance and determinatio

This week’s newsletter features our guest columnist Yao Wei’s critique of the secrets behind the success of Dayun Automobile Manufacturing, China’s 7th largest heavy-duty truck manufacturer and 6th largest in heavy-duty truck tractor sales. The most unique thing about Dayun, which literally means “big fortune” in Chinese, is that

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Secrets behind Dayu’s success

Dayun Auto achieved an eye-catching profit of ¥700 million ($102 million) in 2016, but through an arduous journey. Back in 2010, the first year on the market for Dayun’s heavy-duty trucks, the market was booming but there was shortage of spare parts. Even worse in 2012, the market shrank 40

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Dayun Auto joins hands with Daimler for high-end heavy-duty truck

YUNCHENG, Shanxi – Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Dayun Auto) has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Daimler AG to jointly develop a high-end heavy-duty truck, according to a report on cvnews.com.cn citing company chairman Yuan Qinshan. Based on the agreement, the two partners will establish and continue to maintain

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Yuan Qinshan: Private companies will dominate China’s heavy-duty truck market

Private companies, not state-owned ones, will occupy the majority of China’s heavy-duty truck market in the next decade, according to Yuan Qinshan, chairman of Shanxi Dayun Automobile Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Yuan made the prediction in an interview with cvworld.cn. “We are neither the first nor the last private company to

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Bumpy road for newcomers of the heavy-duty truck industry

China’s heavy-duty truck industry never lacks newcomers with great courage. Take as examples well known automaker Youngman Automobile Group, Dayun Auto, which started out producing motorcycles, and C&C Trucks, which is backed by the C&C gold industry line. However, as the overall market is shrinking, industry newcomers are keeping a

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