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New normal: traditional car guys joining startup carmakers looking for change

Aside from slowing growth down to the single digits, which many coin as the “new normal” of China’s auto industry, another “new normal” is also taking shape in the HR talent front as companies race to build smart EVs: senior executives jumping ship from traditional carmakers and joining new startups.

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With seven new VPs, SAIC starts the Chen Hong Era

Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC), China’s largest automaker by sales and revenues, starts a new era under Chairman Chen Hong with the recent appointment of seven vice presidents. The announcement was made public quietly in the form of a notice on August 13, 2014. It was posted on an

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Shanghai-Volkswagen faces alleged bribery scandal

SHANGHAI - Top executives of Shanghai-Volkswagen are suspect of corruption involving ¥142 million ($20.88 million), reports Jingji Guancha Bao or Economic Observer. According to a letter signed by five senior executives who work under the Shanghai Automotive Industry (Group) Corp. (SAIC) circulating on the Internet since September, several former and

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Zhang Hailiang becomes new general manager of Shanghai-Volkswage

SHANGHAI - Zhang Hailiang, 40, former executive manager for sales and marketing of Shanghai-Volkswagen and general manager of Shanghai-Volkswagen Automobile Sales, has been promoted to be new general manager of Shanghai-Volkswagen since September 9, according to a company news release. Jia Mingdi, 35, former sales manager and executive vice marketing

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