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China should not approve more assembly plants for existing JVs

“China should not approve additional manufacturing plants for existing JV companies with foreign automakers,” said Zhao Hang, director of China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC). Zhao made this comment at a meeting in Beijing on July 6, 2013 celebrating the 60th anniversary of the founding of China’s automobile industry.

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Zhao Hang: New designed EVs are more reasonable than revamped ones

TIANJIN – The revolutionarily designed electric cars are more reasonable than those revamped from traditional gasoline cars, a Chinese veteran vehicle safety expert said recently at a meeting in Tianjin. “Design of the batteries, motors and electronic controls has been taken into consideration before developing an EV,” said Zhao Hang,

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Will China’s stimulus policies backfire?

No doubt the auto production and sales in China will continue to gather momentum through the year with strong policy support nationwide. But one may ask if such stimulus policies would backfire on domestic auto market if stimulus policies went off next year. Possible adjustments should be made to improve

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